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The modern fruit tea drink for the modern person’s diet. Colobaba is a new generation of beverage that believes in nutrition as much as quality, fusing fresh fruits and premium Taiwanese tea leaves from the mountain ranges to give you something unforgettably healthy.

Signature Baba Series

Our Signature Baba Series boasts the best-tasting (and looking) fusion fruit juice in Singapore. With a tantalising blend of orchard-fresh fruits and delectable tea, yogurt or cheese, you will be loaded with all the fruity goodness!


Choice of Fruits

At Colobaba, we take pride in our ingredients so you can take pride in your health. Our fruits are all freshly harvested and carefully selected  before making their way to our store and freshly squeezed only after being ordered by you. It’s nutritious. It’s nourishing. It’s fresh fruit juice.

Health Benefits

It is well established that fresh fruits not only help our physical health, but also our mental well being. Our fusion fruit juice are vitamin infused magic in a bottle that will bring you closer towards a well balanced diet without having to sacrifice your tastebuds! 


Tea Leaves

Our tea leaves are carefully and freshly sourced from Taiwan, where bubble tea first began in the 90s. Taiwanese tea leaves are reputed and highly popular with tea connoisseurs all over the world. Now you can enjoy premium tea in a Colobaba cup.

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